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    ** Urgent *** Sunopsis V 4.1 Designer, Agent, won't start

      Today our developer reported he could not connect to Sunopsis Designer. I tried to login to Designer and got this error:

      "Invalid User or Password (Security Repository Connection)

      com.sunopsis.core.n Object does not exist in the database BatchUpdateSize: null

      I created a new test connection to our master repository, connected, and got the same message. I found that using SQL Server Management Studio I could access our SQL Master repository database using the very account and password used in the connection box. The only other account used in the connection box is that of SUPERVIOSR, which I don't think anyone would have changed. I checked "snparams.bat" for any obvious signs of corruption but found none.

      Next I started the Agent in a DOS box. It showed the same error but additionally

      ConnectType: null
      conName: null
      DServeName: null

      ConnectConnection:com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver jdbc:SQLServer <computername> 1433; SelectMethod=Cursor snp_m INTERNALMASTER13465634
      ConnectIdnull at

      Caused by. com.sunopsis.core.n Object does not exist in database BatchUpdateSize:null


      Any ideas what to check next?