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    ASM on RHEL6 using udev


      I'm installing Oracle RAC on RHEL6.3. Since the asmlib RPMs are not provided any more (for RHEL6) I've looked into udev and thanks to another forum member I am now able to use either a whole disk or a partition.

      My question now is (since both ways seem to be supported): which method is the better one, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?


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          Hi Friend,

          Good Query.

          ASMLib is an optional set of tools and a kernel driver that can be inserted between ASM and the hardware, as well as an application library used by the Oracle database software to access ASM disks. It is a support library for the ASM feature of Oracle 10g and 11g single instance database servers as well as RAC installations. ASM and regular daabase instances can use ASMLib as an alternative interface for disk access. ASMLib has three components:

          Oracle recommends using ASM with ASMLib together for better manageability and persistent device naming. Note that Oracle makes no claims that ASM with ASMLib delivers performance benefits over ASM without ASMLib.

          • Perceived better manageability.
          • Well documented and recommended by Oracle.
          • Some Oracle DBAs and SysAdmins are trained in how to use ASM with ASMLib and are comfortable with this environment.
          • Optimized for database applications via direct and async I/O provided by the ASMLib kernel driver.