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        Michael Ferrante-Oracle
        The issue has nothing to do with the OS or its service packs, nor does it really have anything to do with Forms. This is strictly a misconfiguration and partially the result of not having a static IP and/or dns registered hosthame. Trying to walk though every step of the process which makes a connection from client to db work is likely too much for a forum. In order to make this as simple as possible and to help get you moving forward, I would recommend the following (some steps may be undoing what I previously mentioned.

        1. Stop the db instance and its listener.
        2. In the db home, locate listener.ora and tnsnames.ora. In each of these files ensure that the reference to "hostname" is your machine name (semsem-pc)
        3. In the Forms home, locate tnsnames.ora and do the same. Ensure that hostname refers to semsem-pc
        4. Locate the system's hosts file. This is located in a hidden directory: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
        5. Open this file in a text editor. Do not use something like Microsoft Word. Use Notepad, Notepad++, or any other pure text editor.
        6. Ensure that there is not already a reference to your hostname. If there is, comment out that line by adding a # to the beginning of that line.
        7. On a new line, add the following:       semsem-pc
        Save the changes and reboot your machine. Be very careful when you save the file. Do not add an extension to the file name. The file name must be hosts with not extension.

        Finally, when attempting to connect from Forms or any other tool not residing in the db home, remember that you MUST include the db name trying to connect. For example:
        <blockquote>Username: SCOTT
        Password: TIGER
        Database: ORCL</blockquote>
        Alternatively, you can enter all the information in the Username field (leave the remaining fields blank) as follows: scott/tiger@orcl

        These changes may or maynot correct your connection issue, but it will at least get your configuration such that it would be expected to work assuming there are not other config issues somewhere else.


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          thanks a lot for your help , you are doing your best , and i'll do this as a last try , but i still want to know
          why does this error heppen ,
          i've a static ip now , because i put it manually , and passed the network configuration step of the installation process ,
          so there is no reason for this error to appear

          have i done anything wrong during the installation process , which could cause this error ? or what is it ?

          you can give a short answer , do exhaust yourself .

          thanks again and again and again
          • 17. Re: ora-12560 tns protocol adapter error
            Michael Ferrante-Oracle
            The error occurs because either some part of your tnsnames.ora entry is either not understood (for example a typo) or the host cannot be reached. It is possible that the problem is caused by a conflict in the product installations. Take a look at your system PATH. Note carefully if any of the beginning entries point to the db. If they do, move them after the Forms/Reports installation and retest.
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