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    Costing of negative salary


      There is a scenario when the employee leaves the company he has to paid all his loans he owns to the company and thus if his salary is not enough then in that case we will deduct its from his pension.

      Regarding the pension it is in charge by an insurance agency in case of negative salary he will issue the check in company name instead of employee name as he still owns money to the company.Hence the company will deduct amount due and pays the rest to the employee

      My question is how i can handle it and its costing in oracle payroll as his salary is negative and also when i tried to run the costing of payment for this period the negative amount just subtracts to the total net pay of other employees.

      Thank you and kind regards
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          I think as here we are dealing with another party for the payment ..to get that in company records should be
          using General addition with Negative value or General Deduction ..i think in this way can reconcile costing ..even when
          we deal with other agencies ..any better ideas on this ?
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            Vigneswar Battu
            When you define a Payroll, you can enable -ve payments -
            Check the Negative Payment Allowed check box if you want the PrePayments process to include negative payments.
             If you leave the box unchecked, the PrePayments process ignores negative payments.
            So you can process the employee in the payroll with -ve salary and the costing would take care of the rest.