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    Skillbuilders modal page plugin


      Is it possible to implement modal inside another modal? I am using Skillbuilders modal page plugin 2.0, APEX 4.0.2. version.
      If it is, can someone explain how in short notes...
      I have a form in modal, which would have a create button to open another form in modal, pass values there and submit, and then go back to parent modal. I tried to implement it and it not works

      By the way, I use APEX 4.2 at home and plugin is working great on all themes that I tried. But now, on other computer I am using 4.0.2 APEX and with theme 16 I have some problems with size. E.g. the form width is big. I tried everything... Also tried fixed modal size. Looks good, but the problem is when error message appears then it is not resized automatically and you cannot see whole content. Maybe someone have solution for this... I will put it online when I get.