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    Pivot table view issue

      Hello All,

      I'm facing issue with incorrect values, there is a report wth Pivot view and column selector. When I select a value in column selector the pivot table view giving result with two columns one dimension and one fact

      the issue is fact column is not giving correct values for each dimension(row) but grand total is correct, plz any one let me know what could be issue and what should be the fix.
      Also I would like to know how grand total is calculated in OBIEE is it generates a physical query for grand total or it adds in BI server to get the grand total.

      We are using bi apps OOTB RPD and reports


      ______________ Col A

      Row1___________ 3 (incorrect)

      Row 2___________4 (incorrect)

      Grand Tota_____100(correct)
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          Take out the column selector or use just table view to see the results, you might get all rows with correct values. Since the pivot table based top of result set and you are restricting to limited results using column selector.

          If you execute same (generated using pivot view) physical query in DB you get all correct results.

          If above said is not the case then let me know.