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    Sharing & Nesting Application Module


      I use JDeveloper

      First of all I explain my case :I have an application that includes a model project. it has some view objects that their data don't change. I use these view objects in an application module(will mention first) and create an ADF library from them. I create another application and add this library to it. I create a new application module (second) in this new application. I want to use views in first application module as a tree in second application. The tree must be include in every template page. I extend first application module in second.(extends in general tab not nesting in application module instances section in DataModel tab) and also define first application module as session shared application module in second project.
      now my question is : what's difference between extending or nesting application module ?
      and when I define an application module as shared application module and nest it to another application module how does it work ?