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    ODBC driver crashing


      I installed the Oracle instant client version and the corresponding ODBC driver. When I try to add a DSN in ODBC Manager using the Oracle driver, it crashes and I get this message:

      "ODBC Administrator has stopped working"
      "Windows is checking for a solution to the problem..."

      Trying to isolate this problem, I ran odbcad32.exe under DependencyWalker and it worked correctly without crashing. According to the DependencyWalker FAQ, this can be due to a "buffer overrun, stray/bad/freed pointer, etc.". They have a switch to set SET NODEBUG_HEAP=1 to check for this. When I did this, it crashes insider DependencyWalker also.

      Please let me know if there is a fix/patch available for this.

      Ubaidullah Nubar.