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    Cursor is not going on new block

      Hi all

      i am working on lower version oracle form 6i

      i have developer one custom form in which i have provided one button after clicking on that button my cursor nevigates to another block.
      code on button

      elsif :XX_CAT_LINE_V.CHECK_BOX='N'
           fnd_message.set_string('Please select atleast one line');
           raise form_trigger_failure;
           end if;

      it working fine

      but now my requirement is changed.
      my new requirement is
      i have developed new form from where i am calling old form using
      fnd_function.execute function
      but after i navigates to that form, button from old form is not working .

      please help....

      code is same only i have call the old form from new....

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          You can write the following code in the when new form instance trigger
          if :global.callingform='yourform' then
          end if;

          and write in new from in fnd.execute function as
          at the end of the function.