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    separate zpool on SSD


      for performance reasons I have added a new separate zpool on an SSD which I designated ssdpool. I was going to put VirtualBox Disk images on that pool. However for a reason I haven't figured out yet, the entire systems performance has decreased significantly. The disk IO on the ssdpool is < 10Mb/s.

      There is a single SSD for the ssdpool with 256 GB
      and 2x 1000GB off the shelf hard disks
      with 8GB RAM.

      I was not going for a hybrid approach here, ie. using the SSD as a cache but designated for it's own zpool. Eventually I was going to get a second one to mirror the SSD.

      Any clues here why the disk IO decreased instead of the other way around?

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          I'm not sure I understand everything below but let's start with the poor I/O performance of this one disk ssdpool.
          How was this pool created? Can you provide the syntax? Was it created with a slice or the whole disk?

          I think you are also saying the entire system's performance is bad but I'm not following why.

          Thanks, Cindy
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            Hi Cindy,

            as it turns out, the SSD seems to have nothing to with at all. IIRC the drastic disk IO performance decrease happened right at the same time when I upgraded my system from Oracle Solaris 11_11 to 11.1. It was then when I decided to buy a SSD to boost performance.

            Do you happen to know if the upgrade would have made some tuning necessary on older systems?