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    Load Data CDF

    Dan V
      I am trying to create a data load CDF so that I can execute a data load from a calculation script in BSO cube
      I am a beginner with programming CDFs and have been looking through the documentation to help get started.
      I see from the API documentation that there is a load data method of IESSCube (copy and pasted below). Is there a way I can reference this function on the current cube (without creating a process to define the connection) in a CDF?

      I would like to write a calc script that loads the example from the documentation "Product Jan Sales Actual Market 4444" into sample.basic as a proof of concept.

      Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


      public java.lang.String[][] loadData(java.lang.String updateSpecs,
      int rulesObjType,
      java.lang.String rulesFileName,
      boolean syntaxCheckOnly,
      boolean unlockAfterUpdate,
      boolean abortOnError)
      throws EssException
      Updates data to the cube from the specified update specification string. The update data can either be stored in the cube, or just verified and any errors returned. Also, any data blocks locked for update can be unlocked by this call.
      updateSpecs - The update specification string. For eq: "Product Jan Sales Actual Market 4444\n Product Feb Sales Actual Market 5555".
      rulesObjType - The rules file object type. Values from IEssOlapFileObject.TYPE_*.
      rulesFileName - The rules file name in the olap server. For eg, for the rules file named Data.rul in olap server's app/cube directory pass "Data". This parameter can be null for Essbase OLAP server versions 6.5.1 and after, but not before (as there is a known bug that it hangs).
      syntaxCheckOnly - true, if syntax check only. false, to store data.
      unlockAfterUpdate - true to unlock blocks after the update.
      abortOnError - If true, data load stops on the first error. Otherwise, data load continues.
      null if no error. If error, returns a two dimensional array of errors, where each dimension contains the following in that order: error string, member name, file record containing the error.
      EssException - if an error occurs.