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      I am calculating trailing average for the past 6 months measures dimension data using @MOVAVG function in a calcscript.
      I need to copy this resultant value to a scenario/variable for the period of next 3/6/12 months irrespective of the current month.

      Eg:Resultant avg value in june'12 = 10.
      This value of 10 needs to be copied for July'12, Aug'12 & Sept'12 to a scenario member.

      How can I implement this in the calcscript?
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          Dan V
          You can use the @MDShift Function on your period(month) dimension to reference forward/backward in that dimension
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            MDShift will move the values. Will it copy the single calculated value across a month range which is variable?
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              Dan V
              You could use the MDShift to reference past values.
              So, in your example:

              FIX(&CurrYear/*+ Rest of dimensions*/)
              IF(ISMBR(JAN:&CurrMonth)) /*Current Month is the month that you want to calculate the moving average for */
              @MOVAVG(/*logic for moving average goes here*/);
              @MDSHIFT("AC_XYZ",-1,Period /*Period is the dimension that has months so if yours is a different name, replace with that dimension*/),);