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    Hyperion Planning security question( Access Permission question)


      I have a question regarding Hyperion Planning Security for 11.1.2.

      Can I let the user have different access permission for different folder ?

      For example,
      There are Folder1 and Folder2, both folders have several forms.
      The forms all contain 3 entity members, call them Entity1, Entity2, Entity3.

      There's one user, I want let the user access to Folder1 can have Entity1 Write access, Entity2 & Entity3 are Read Only.
      However, when the user access to Folder2 can have all (Entity1,Entity2, Entity3) Write access.

      Folder1, Entity1(Write) Entity2(Read) Entity3(Read)
      Folder2, Entity1(Write) Entity2(Write) Entity3(Write)

      Can this situation work?
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          Hyperion Planning security works depend on standard dimension access
          If you give "WRITE" access to 4 standard dimensions Account,Entity,Version, Scenario it will consider "WRITE" access.
          Above 4 dimension should be having WRITE access then only Write access applicable, If give READ access to any of above dimnesion it takes READ access only.
          If you give ENTITY dimension access as READ access insted of WRITE access then it will consider as READ access only.

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            sunil k
            This will not work. Your security to dimensions is driven by how you secure individual planning dimensions. Data form folder security is just for data forms. It does not influence how your planning application is secured. You may be able to use other dimension members to achieve it partially e.g. if Folder1 is for product Line 1 and folder 2 is for product line2, you could additionally secure product line PL1 to be read access and PL2 to be write access. You will have to play with other dimension member's security to see what you can achieve.


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