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    ATG - Endeca integration

      I am following the steps given in ATGEndecaIntegrationGuide.pdf to configure the sample query application. I am getting an error in Endeca Experience Manager, while doing the step "Endeca Configuration for the Sample Query Application -> Experience Manager Configuration - > On the Content Editor tab, click Generate Guided Navigation. The Generate Guided Navigation window appears." The exact error messge is "There was a problem with your request: Error #1000". Also when doing "Save changes" got an error at the page bottom - "Error: Last attempt to publish to the MDEX Engine failed". I checked in Admin Console and confirmed that my MDEX is up and running

      Any help on what these errors mean and how to fix?

      Further, the last step in pdf says run promote_content.bat. However, there is no such bat in my C:\Endeca\apps\ATGen\control\ folder

      I am using ATG10.1.1, Endeca 3.1 commerce versions