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    Urgent: OAM 11g issue

      Hi all,

      I have installed OHS 11g & webgate 11g in one machine and OAM 11g in another machine. While starting the OHS i am getting the following error in ohs1.log file.

      [2012-12-04T14:41:42.3674+05:30] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [OHS-9999] [apache2entry_web_g
      ate.cpp] [host_id: X.X.X.X] [host_addr: X.X.X.X] [ti
      d: 1128900928] [user: pfserver] [ecid: 004o0D14RwW3FClqwsJb6G0001pD000000] [rid:
      0] [VirtualHost: main] OBWebGate_AuthnAndAuthz: The AccessGate is unable to co
      ntact any Access Servers.

      [2012-12-04T14:41:42.3684+05:30] [OHS] [ERROR:32] [OHS-9999] [odl_log.c] [host_i
      d: X.X.X.X] [host_addr: X.X.X.X] [tid: 1128900928] [
      user: pfserver] [ecid: 004o0D14RwW3FClqwsJb6G0001pD000000] [rid: 0] [VirtualHost
      : main] Request Failed for : /index.html, Resp Code : [500]

      both the server clock's are running in same timing. But if i install OHS and webgate in same server which is in OAM server host i am not getting any error.

      I am getting confused in one thing.I am getting error "Request Failed for : /index.html". But i haven't give index.html as resource while doing webgate registration.

      How to resolve this issue.Please help me ASAP.Its very urgent.

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          It looks like there is a connectivity issue bwteen OAM and Webgate.
          Try to run the following command from the server where you have installed OHS and webgate
          telnet <OAM_Hostname> 5575
          Get the OAM_Hostname from the following file on your OHS server:
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            telnet command is working fine.Is there anything like this?

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              Yagnesh Gajjar-Oracle
              Hi Deena,

              Make sure that ObAccessClient.xml file is deployed in correct location on OHS web server instance and has correct OAM server: Port values to be able to successfully connect to the OAM server.

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                Thanks for you reply. I have copied those files into following directory. /u01/ohs/Middleware/Oracle_WT1/instances/instance1/config/OHS/ohs1/webgate/config.

                I think i have copied in a correct path. There is no time syn. problem between oam server and webserver host. Both are running in same time. Eventhough i am getting above error. "Access gate is unable to contact any access server".

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                  2 things.

                  How did you register the agent ? - through UI or through rreg.

                  if through UI i would suggest you try to register using rreg inband registration and let me know if that is successful.

                  If that fails (which i think it will)

                  Its most likely a problem with your java version.

                  I know for sure that Java version 1.6.0_37 doesn't work and that works for sure.

                  Can you try installing a different version of java.
                  if on linux use the
                  update-alternatives --config java
                  as root to point to the java (other version that you installed) and try again.
                  Let me know if that helps.