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    OBIEE: connection to Data Source


      I am new to OBIEE. I have just started creating repositories.

      We encounter the terms CONNECTION TYPE , while importing data from a data source to OBI Application tool and CALL INTERFACE in the connection pool.

      What is the difference between connection type and call Interface?


      - Adhara
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          Call Interface:The application program interface (API) with which to access the data source. Some databases may be accessed using native APIs, some use ODBC, and some work both ways.

          Connection types are:
          Available connection types are ODBC, DB2 CLI, DB2 CLI (Unicode), and XML.
          Most physical schema imports are performed using an ODBC connection type.
          Native database gateways for schema import are supported for only DB2 (using DB2 CLI or DB2 CLI Unicode) and XML connection types.

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