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    How to read Page Description from weblogic portal administration console


      I have set Page title,description and locale as below in weblogic portal admin console

      Title:     Renew_MyWorld_home
      Description:     test
      Locale:     en_US


      PageBackingContext objPageCxt = null;
      // Get the current displayed page context
      objPageCxt = DesktopBackingContext.getDesktopBackingContext(request).getDisplayedPageBackingContext();
      System.out.println("Page title:=="+objPageCxt.getTitle());
      System.out.println("Page Description:=="+objPageCxt.getDescription());


      Page title:==Renew_MyWorld_home
      Page Description:==null

      I am able to get Page title but description always I am getting null. can anyone suggest how can I get Page description rom weblogic portal administration console?