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    Help: flexfields on customer framework pages

      Hi all,

      i need a quite urgent help.
      I have defined and compiled the following flexfields:

      Receivables -- Person Information

      Receivables -- TCA Location Information
      Table: HZ_LOCATIONS

      I am working on R12 Release.

      The problem is that i cannot find these flexfields on customer framework pages.

      Can anybody help me please?

      Many thanks,
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          I believe you are using Customer Standard pages in R12?

          Flexfields at address level are generally saved on HZ_PARTY_SITES dff.
          Person profile flexfields are available on customers online screen .. not sure about customer standard pages.

          you might already know this.. but just a quick trick here
          - Ask your DBA to set profile "Personalize Self-Service Defn" to "Y" for you in Development instance .
          - After this, each OAF page will have "About this page" link on left bottom.
          - Clicking this link and going down will show you all the Flexfield details shown on the page.