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    Unable to delete Multi Row Update process

      I have created a simple page with a tabular form built on a view. The view is on top of a collection that is created when the page is ran. I added a tabular form column validation. I then was going to add a pl/sql process to handle the updates into the db, but before I did that I wanted to delete the ApplyMRU that was created when I first created the tabular form because it does not make sense on my view. When I went to delete the MRU it gave me an error saying "Multi Row Update processes can't be deleted as long as there are validations defined for the tabular form". I have searched for an answer on this, but so far I have not found much. I am hoping it is something simple that I am missing. I even tried deleting the MRU first and then add the validation, but then it gave me another error about "Tabular form validations require multi-row update processes" I know this was possible in 4.1, but now I am trying it on 4.2 so maybe something has changed. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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          Hi jstephenson ,

          First removed all the validation and then try to delete ApplyMRU.

          It will removed definitely.

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            Thank you for your response, but deleting the MRU after deleting the validations is not my issue. The issue is that I can’t delete the MRU if I have a tabular form validation setup. If I remove the validations and delete the MRU then when I go to add back a tabular form validation is says that I need an MRU for the tabular form.

            I did find a work around. If I click on the tabular form items or the region itself in the Page Rendering section it will let me add validations without a MRU. I was trying to add validations in the Page Processing section and that is where I am having issues.