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    Interactive Reports - Select Columns

    Nithyarajan Manmathan-Oracle

      We have requirement to populate few columns to Do Not Display(Select Columns) section of IR while loading the page. Is there any API/any code piece available for achieving this functionality. Any suggestion on this will be very helpful.

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      Nithyarajan M
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          I am not sure what did you mean by:
          populate few columns to Do Not Display
          Can you please further explain ??

          Just for your information, if you are using APEX 4.++
          You can edit your report >>> Report Attributes >>> Edit a Column >>>
          under Column Definition, you can Allow/ disallow Users to do some actions on a species column.

          If you put the following code in the Execute when Page Loads Section of your page, you can hide a column with the ability of searching in the data of that column
          And this plugin could be helpful:

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