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    HOWTO: call reports from forms

      Hi All,

      I'm running my app on Oracle Forms and Reports 11g R2 on Windows 64 bit. I have a Form App with a button which should open a report called "MYREPORT" whenever is pressed.
      However, this buttons is not working as expected. PL/SQL code attached to it is the following:

      MYREPORT.rep file is in c:\Oracle\Middleware\FR_HOME\reports\ directory.
      I also updated the rwbuilder.conf file with the forms directory as mentioned above.

      I must be missing something 'cause in that way it's not working, as well. A exception raises after button is pressed "Frm-40735: when-button=pressed trigger raise unhandled exception ora-06508".

      Is there something else I could do in order to make it happen ?
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          I ran some tests and I got the exception below:
          "SQLERRM: ORA-06508: PL/SQL: Could not find program unit being called".

          Does anyone know how to deal with that?

          Thanks again

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            I suppose that RP2RRO library is attached. I don't know then why is ORA-06508 raised...

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              Yes, actually, it is attached. Clicking on Reports plus sign ( + ) RP2RRO is showed.
              This form was converted from 6i. Now it is 11g version.

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                Andreas Weiden
                ORA-06508 means that some code cannot be found at runtime. Make sure that the RP2RRO.plx is in the directory specified in FORMS_PATH in your env-file.
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                  I only have RP2RRO.pll in FORMS_PATH. There's no RP2RRO.plx in any directory. I've tried to generate .plx file through the Forms Developer but i did not succeed.
                  Is there any other way to get the .plx file?
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                    How can I compile into .plx ?
                    I've tried in Forms Developer but it was not possible.
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                      Andreas Weiden
                      What does "it was not possible" mean? Do you get any error? You can generate a plx by using the keys CTRL+T
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                        Sorry."It was not possible" means that CTRL+T produces an error "FRM-91507: Internal Error: Unable to generate library" and compilation fails.
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                          I set NLS_LANG to AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252 and it worked out.
                          Thanks a lot