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    How to extend a raw device partition -OCFS

      Two node RAC
      Windows 2003 server
      raw device, OCFS

      One of the drives (H) which has the data files is out of space, current size 250G.

      We need to extend it, so our windows admin added another 50G. Not sure how to extend the partition(ocfs created) in a RAW device to make the drive full 300G

      What tools/utility to use?

      Do we need to bring down the database while we do this.

      Thanks for your help
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          just wanted to update with our resolution

          metalink note 229060.1

          This is accomplished with OCFSFORMAT Utility

          The ocfsformat.exe utility is found in the following directories, depending on the version of clusterware:

          1. Assuming the P: drive is a volume that will store only Oracle database files, and assuming a cluster size of 1024k (1MB) and a vlume name of DATA, the following syntax will format the drive:

          ocfsformat /m P: /c 1024 /v DATA /f /d /a
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            Using the Windows Disk Management tool:
            1. Go to Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management and choose Disk Management.

            2. Right click on the desired physical hard drive and choose:

            New Partition -> Extended Partition.

            We recommend creating the Extended Partition using the entire size of the disk.

            3. Right click on the Extended Partition and choose: 'New Logical Drive'

            4. Once the remote nodes see the drives, be sure to remove any drive letters:

            5. ocfsformat.exe is found in: CRS_HOME\cfs

            where CRS_HOME is the directory where the Oracle Clusterware is installed.

            6. C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\crs\cfs>ocfsformat
            Usage: OcfsFormat /m <linkName> /c <ClusterSize in KB> /v <Volume Label> /f /a

            Example : ocfsformat /m P: /c 1024 /v DATA /f /d /a

            7. Once the drive is formatted, verify that the remote nodes can now see the drive