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    Aggregate Bug in Interactive Reports

      One of the analyst's in my office found an interesting bug/quirk in the Interactive reports of APEX 4.2...

      So basically if you select the function in the first row of Sum as you can see none of the other functions selected after that display.
                     Count Distinct      Count      Median      Minimum      Maximum      Average      Sum
      Sum      No                No                 No            No               No         No             No       
      Average              No                 No             No                No         No                              Yes
      Maximum              No                 No                 No                      No                          Yes       Yes
      Minimum              No                 No                 No                               Yes          Yes       Yes
      Median              No                 No                                    Yes        Yes          Yes       Yes
      Count              No                               Yes             Yes        Yes          Yes       Yes
      Count Distinct                       Yes        Yes             Yes        Yes          Yes       Yes
      Would be interesting to see if this is a feature or bug/quirk that can be repaired in the next release..

      Thank you,

      Tony Miller
      Ruckersville, VA