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    Using Management Task without LDAP Server

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement of using a Management Approval Process. In order to specify the hierarchy I'm using the Organizational Unit inside BPM Process.
      In Management Task I have specified the Starting Participant as 'A' (Assuming that my hierarchy is supposed to be from A -> B -> C).
      I have also specified my Top Level Participant as 'C' and the number of levels is 1.

      When I try to run the process I'm getting the following error

      "Error in evaluating management chain participant. Could not compute the management chain from user A upto levels 1 upto title C. The management chian is used in the routing slip that is associated with the task definition default/ExpenseApproval!1.0/ManagementApproval. Verify that the users are seeded correctly to compute the management chain."

      I mapped the Organization's unit name to execdata->systemattributes->OrganizationUnitName

      Kindly help me where I have gone wrong.

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          Dan Atwood
          Do you mean that you're using the "Management" human task type to work your way up the approval chain and you're not using LDAP to make your way up the approval chain?

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            Yes Dan. That's exactly what I meant
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              Dan Atwood
              Guessing you might have already seen it, but take a look at this when you get a chance - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25178_01/doc.1111/e15176/soa_app_mgmt_svc_bpmpd.htm

              WebLogic comes with a lightweight LDAP. Have you considered using this?
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                Yes. But I couldnt establish any hierarchies with the existing users.
                All I want to acheive is an management approval process. My understanding is, we can create a logical hierarchy using Organizational Units.
                I guessed that I can provide a OU hierarchy and use it for the Management Task.
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                  Dan Atwood
                  Never seen this done using Organization Units, but if you want to use the out-of-the-box WebLogic users / managers - here's how to assign managers to people.

                  As you have probably already seen, the attributes displayed in the WebLogic Console are a subset of the actual attributes stored for users. To get at and change those other attributes like the manager and the timezone, install an LDAP browser like jXplorer (http://jxplorer.org/downloads/) as an LDAP browser.

                  Don't do this for a production environment, but before using jXplorer for the first time, add a credential in the WebLogic console by clicking the root Domain -> click the Security tab -> click "Embedded LDAP" tab. In the credential field enter a new password (e.g. "welcome1") and enter it again in the "Confirm Credential" field. Click Save and then make sure that you restart Weblogic.

                  When you connect to WebLogic's embedded LDAP using jXplorer, the settings you need to use are:

                  Port - port for your Admin Server (default is 7001)
                  Base DN - "dc={your WebLogic domain's name}"
                  User DN - "cn=Admin"
                  Password - {the setting you added in the Weblogic "Credential" field}

                  If you're using JXplorer, this is how you set the "manager" attribute for a person. Select the person -> click the "Table Editor" tab -> click the Manager field and enter the text "uid=<id of the manager>,ou=people,ou=myrealm,dc=<your domain name>".

                  Once you set a user's manager using a tool like jXplorer, you'll be able to use the human task's Assignment tab to get the manager of the person passed into the human task using the XPath "getManager()" method. The syntax would be:
                  getManager(<the id of the person>,'jazn.com')
                  Hope this helps,
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                    Thanks Dan. Let me try this LDAP Server.

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                      Ravi Jegga
                      Hi Karthick
                      Dan already gave the exact information and how to create users and hierarchies from ldap client like jxplorer.

                      I have another alternate approach to create users/groups/hierarchies without using any client. Its like using security apis and some configurable xml files. This is based on the oracle sample to create demo users. Please see below post and my replies. By downloading the demo seed servlet and modifying one .xml file you create any users and buiild a good hierarchy. The below post has references to 2 other posts that has more details. I am not pasting the same information and instead referring to the old posts :)

                      Re: How to configure a user to use getManager() to get his manager in HumanTask

                      Ravi Jegga
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                        Hi Ravi,

                        Thanks for the info. Thats really useful :)