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    Oracle Lite 10g Dump

      Hi there,

      I have an old Oracle Lite 10g DB running (Version 10.0) as a standalone mobile client.
      Now I would like to migrate data to a new DB (not oracle). Are there any tools
      to migrate to whole DB including data and structure of the tables. I found the Olload.exe in
      the \bin folder. It's working but only the content of the tables is saved.
      Is there a simple way to backup the DB for migration?


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          1) Use Oracle SQL Datamodeler to extract the schema(s)
          2) Use the OLLOAD utility to dump the data.
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            Thank you.
            I downloaded the SQL developer and the datamodeler. But the connection can't be established.
            The error message is something like: Not successful. Verify the URL format for the specified driver.
            (I don't have the english version)

            My settings:
            connection-type: Advanced Role: standard

            userdefined JDBC-URL

            I think the problem is that i use jdbc:polite but I don't know where exactly the problem is.
            I exported the connection settings from JDeveloper (as xml) and imported it in Sql developer.

            I am grateful for any hint!

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              Is the Oracle lite database up and running?
              What OS?

              You will need to know the name of the database, the user name + password (login):

              1) Start SQL datamodeler.
              2) Select File -> Import -> Data Dictionary...
              3) Click "Add" ( bottom left )
              4) Enter database, the user name + password
              5) Choose the connectio0n tab "Oracle" or "JDBC"
              6) Continue from there . . .