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      I have a problem using CLIENT_GET_FILE_NAME from WEBUTIL to open a dialog box to save/open a file from client machine. When the dialog box is opened, I explore the folders through folder tree option but suddenly this doesn't work, I click the folders and nothing happens, I only can move by the folders using "Level up" icon.
      I have migrated my forms from 6i to 11g recently and the instruction "GET_FILE_NAME" worked fine in 6i, but with CLIENT_GET_FILE_NAME my users can't explore the folders when the folder tree doesn't work. It is difficult to explain it.

      I looked for some issues like this but I didn't find anything.

      Can anyone help me with this issue?

          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          If you are using Forms 11.1.1, ensure that you have patched to After patching, ensure that you regenerate webutil.pll into a new webutil.plx. If possible, it is also a good idea to clear client JRE cache. This should happen automatically, but in the case where you are having problems, forcing this cache clearing is recommended.

          If you are using an older JRE, I would recommend upgrading to 1.6.0_37.

          Also, I would recommend setting BlockAllowHeartBeat=TRUE in webutil.cfg. This ensures that while the File Open/Save dialog is open, the client applet can continue to comminicate with the server. It is possible that the end users are leaving the dialog open too long which may be causing the server side to behave badly or even crash.

          Finally, in the future, please use complete product version numbers when referencing a product. Terms like 6i or 11g are often not very helpful because each product release and its patches result in very different version numbers. Knowing exactly which version you are using may help to identify known issues or tips that are unique to that version.
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            I have been doing more tests and I notice that in the dialog box you can choose a folder shortcut but you can't go to a folder by shortcut from the folder tree. This cause that the folder tree doesn't work anymore.
            I have seen the 6i dialog box and the folder tree don't show shortcuts folders, so this problem won't happen.