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    Need access to Sparc

      Hi, we are NuSphere - nusphere.com, one of our products is php debugger - www.nusphere.com/products/php_debugger.com . It is a server side PHP extension and we provide it for many platforms, including SPARC . Our SPARC old box died and we are having a hard time locating SPARC hardware. The number of clients on SPARC is not big enough to warrant an expense, but they are out there and we would love the opportunity to continue providing Oracle's server products. Can somebody help getting an access to a SPARC box where we could compile SPARC version of the debugger? If this is a wrong place for this question - could somebody point us to the right place?
      Many thanks in Advnace, NuSphere Development team
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          I've pinged a few people internally to see if the SPARC team do this.

          Can you send me email directly? christopher.jones@oracle.com
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            Bjoern Rost
            If you are an oracle partner, you could use their Oracle Solaris Remote Labs to do just that, they are offering virtual machines running solaris 11 on T4 Sparc servers.


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              we are having a hard time locating SPARC hardware.
              You could do what any normal person might do ...
              Go online to eBay and purchase what you need.

              You're producing a commercial product.
              That suggests you're making an income stream from that product (or others in your product line).
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                I think any normal person would go "gee, there aren't enough customers to warrant buying hardware, I wonder if there are virtual products I could use instead."

                PHB's would go "toss the customers, they aren't worth buying the hardware for."