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    TransactionScope Support without Distributed Transactions?

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      I have an .NET 4.0 Web Forms app that uses EF4.1 against an Oracle 11g DB, so I am using the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) that supports EF4.1 (not the newest one.)

      I am deploying the app and the ODP.NET libraries to a Win2K8 server using a process very similar to this SO post:

      There are three Oracle libraries (oramtsus.dll, oramts.dll, oramts11.dll) that I want to remove from my deployment (if possible), as I don't want distributed transactions. However, I do want to continue to use TransactionScope in my app code.

      Here are my questions about this:

      1) I did read that oramts.dll might still be necessary to support TransactionScope in my code, but are all three of these Oracle DLLs necessary for that?

      2) If I set Enlist=False in my connection string and follow this advice, is that enough to prevent my data transactions from being promoted to distributed transactions?

      3) If #2 is true, then do I need any of the three Oracle DLLs listed above?

      I checked the Oracle MTS docs for answers, but I could not find details about these specific libraries. Thanks very much for your help!