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    listener issue with dbcontrol

      Oracle SE-One
      Oracle Linux 5.6 x86-64

      Server is a development box and hosts one ASM and 3 db instances. No RAC.

      Two of the instances configured for dbcontrol.
      Third instance is refreshed every weekend, using an rman replicate from production. Because of this refresh, I've written a script to run emca to deconfig and config (with repository drop/create) dbcontrol after the refresh completes. The script runs, reports no errors, but when I bring up dbcontrol, I get

      Although a Listener with name "LISTENER", is running on this host at port: "1521", it was not started using this target's "LISTENER.ORA" file. CORRECTIVE ACTION: To monitor this "EM Listener Target" with its present configuration, you must stop the currently running listener process, and start it again using the Listener Parameter file: /u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dwdev/network/admin/listener.ora . Alternatively, you can update this target's "LISTENER.ORA Location" parameter with the location of the currently running Listener, which was started using: /u01/app/oracle/11.2.0/grid/network/admin/listener.ora*

      Yes, the listener is running from the grid home, as is - I believe - pretty much standard in a grid setup.
      The first two db instances do not report this problem, even though they are also using the listener from the grid home.
      The first two db instances had their dbcontrol created with dbca, but that is not an optimal solution for this instance. Plus I'm not sure how that might be a factor but thought I'd throw it in as part of "what's different".

      Already read note 605681.1, which really didn't give any additional info. Everything else I've found talks about some config options in Grid Control, but I'm not seeing them in dbcontrol. And if something like that is the fix, that means I'd have to do that after every refresh. Seems there should be another approach.

      One thing that occurs to me is that perhaps I don't need to reconfig after the refresh, but just recreate the repository.