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    Need to move Apex database to a new server

      We need to move the apex database to a new server. Oracle support has indicated that we have to re-install the database and then we can imp/exp apex users.

      I don't understand the need for the re-install of the database. It is fully supported to clone a database and to clone the Oracle home using OUI.

      This is our development environment and we would like to keep it with the same version and database patches that it has today.

      I can reinstall the iAS - that is not a problem. I can also clone and drop the flows users and import the schema.

      Has anyone moved a development system by cloning the database and the Oracle Home? The db is 11.1.06 and our Apex version is 3.1.2
      We are planning to move to a new server and then upgrade Apex to 4.2

      Thank you