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    Nothing displayed in browser

      I have install oracle apex 4.2 on oracle XE 11g on windows 7, but while i m trying to logon in my browser using 'http://localhost:8080/apex/' nothing is displayed.
      Please suggest me what can i do...
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          Joe Upshaw
          Did you copy the images as per the instructions to the correct location?
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            Yes, i copied as per instruction. But while i run the following script :
            SQL> @apxldimg.sql

            I got the following msg :
            PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

            old 1: create directory APEX_IMAGES as '&1/apex/images'
            new 1: create directory APEX_IMAGES as 'C:\apex/apex/images'

            Directory created.

            ERROR at line 1:
            ORA-22288: file or LOB operation FILEOPEN failed
            The system cannot find the path specified.
            ORA-06512: at "SYS.XMLTYPE", line 296
            ORA-06512: at line 15

            PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

            PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

            Commit complete.

            timing for: Load Images
            Elapsed: 00:00:03.28

            Directory dropped.

            Pls help.....
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              When you say 'Nothing is displayed'... The issue depends on what you mean :

              -> If you get an error, 404 for example, it's maybe because the connexion to your database is not valid, so take a look to your configuration
              -> If nothing display, I mean if you have a totally blank page, it's more a image issue, which not have been loaded
              -> If nothing happens, and you still see your login page, it may come from your browser security settings (you can try to add your ip adress in the list of trusted domains)

              Good Luck
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                Vite DBA

                does the directory C:\apex/apex/images exist?

                possibly you should just be passing in c:\ as the parameter rather c:\apex.