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    Jinitiator and JRE 6

      Hi there,
      I do have 2 java based application Finacle and MIS respectively which use to run JRE and Jinitiator. The version of JRE is 6 standard and Jinitiator is My problem is when i use to open Finacle and MIS in same IE 7 windows tab it use to crash with error C++ run time error. But when i open Finacle in 1 IE 7 window and MIS in different IE 7 window it use to work.
      I searched in the forum and found that Jinitiator is obsolete so should update to JRE 7. I already did that too but still when i browse MIS it automatically used to install Jinitiator
      My oracle version is 9i for MIS application. Could any one please help me regarding the issue.