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    WHY: Form shows no data in Linux ?

      Hi All,
      I'm facing a situation a little weird. At least for me, a newbie in Oracle Forms and Reports.
      I'm running Oracle Forms and Reports 11g R2 on a linux RHEL 5, 64 bits machine.

      I run a FORM in this machine , it connects to the database but no data is shown. I know it connects because I'm asked to provide user and password for that database whenever the form starts up. After that, no data is shown.

      I've performed a simple test. I run the same FORM on Windows 64 bits Machine, also with Oracle Forms and Reports 11g R2 installed , then it runs and the data is shown.

      Why it happens this way ?
      Is there something blocking the data from database on Linux?
      Is there and additional configuration to bet set in Linux?

      Thank you all