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    How to export user defined properties in seperate file


      i want to export user definied properties in a seperate file using OMB+ commands. The documentation of this topic doesn't work.

      The OMB Code I use is the following:

      OMBEXPORT TO MDL_FILE '${Pfad}/006_${Project}.mdl' \
      FROM PROJECT '${Project}' \
      CONTROL_FILE '$SANDBOX_HOME/Project.ctl' \
      OUTPUT LOG TO '${Pfad}/006_${Project}_exp.log'

      The control file defines the path and filename for the the definitons in this way:


      But the file will not be created and i get no error message.

      When using this command the udp' definitons will be exported, but in the general project export file. Which is the correct way to export the definition in a seperate file?