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    Unable to reset the SFTP account

    Omar M Sawalhah
      Hi All,
      I am trying to reset the sftp account, so I will be able to deploy tables and packages using SQL Developer. I have followed the documentation step by step until
      1. Sign-in to my services.
      2. Launch Identity console.
      3. Manager Users.
      4. Click on the First Name column for the sftp account line.
      5. There should be a toolbar on top of the data grid, to change the password, but it is not there, I tried to chane the browser as I thought it could be a display problem, but againg no luck.

      Any help is appreciated.

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          Make sure that when you click on the user name row, it does not take you to the "User Details" dialogue. What you want is the SFTP user account row to be selected (and highlighted) in that list of users. Once you see the row highlighted, you should see the "Reset Password" action highlighted on the top data grid.