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    Dynamically creating file using variable

      HI, i am facing an issue in creating file on run time using variable.
      i have a variable FileName. In refresh tab i have written a query like SELECT TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'YYYY,MM,DD') || 'TEST' FROM DUAL. i tested the variable and its value is correct.

      i have created an interface to extract the data from table and store it in file. i have assigned variable FileName to the file.

      Now when i run the interface...the file is created but the header is created in different file and its name is ambiguous e,g(19) and the data is placed in other file with the name which is the value of variable FileName.....

      ISSUE is two ODI creates two files one for header only and other for data....

      when i run my interface in a package the file created perfectly ..... but i dun want to use package i want to create file through running interface only