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    Zip Code Administration

      I need to maintain the Zip Codes in Siebel and was wondering if anyone can share:

      What 3rd party application they use to get updated Zip Code data?
      Are satisfied with the provider?
      Any challenges they have encountered with importing in updated Zip Code information?

      Thank you
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          What do you mean exactly with "maintaining the Zip Codes"?

          I have loaded Zip Codes with Longitude and Latitude information for a customer in Germany (forgot the provider).
          We loaded the data through EIM.
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            There is a Zip Code Administration view in Siebel. We want to be able to update the Zip Codes in Siebel periodically so that they are up to date. Wondering if anyone else does this and where they get the updated data from? The USPS data file does not contain lattitude and longitude so doesn't seem like a good fit for Siebel.