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    OEPE Build Utility

    srikanth vallabhaneni
      Does OEPE have any headless build option like RAD http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/rational/library/guide-rational-build-utility/index.html?
      I know OSB has a way of exporting sbconfig jars http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/dev.1111/e15866/tasks.htm#i1154163

      Does OEPE have any m2e integrations defined?
      e.g. RAD has this defined.


      With WLW 10.3, we were able to export build scripts to build all types of projects; As those scripts used workshop (eclipse 3.3.2) metadata, we did not need to maintain separate build classpath etc. settings in the IDE vs. outside.

      As OEPE does not have this support, we tried using maven but there is no clearly defined m2e strategy and virtual EAR (.beabuild.txt) etc. deployments did not work.

      Without this support, we constantly have to keep the classpath's etc. in the IDE vs. in the external build scripts constantly in sync as there is no "single point of truth".

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          Does OEPE have any headless build optio
          Not at the moment.
          Does OEPE have any m2e integrations defined?
          We are presently evaluating m2e. The m2e plugin that enables support of Java EE project types and artifacts is still very raw. We hope to offer m2e support when we have determined that this tooling is stable. Stay tuned.

          - Konstantin