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    Issue importing xsd with BI Publisher Desktop

      MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (32-bit)
      BI Publisher Desktop (Build 5.12.110)
      Windows XP Professional (SP 3)
      Oracle Policy Modeling

      I was recently upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010. In the process, I found that the ribbon wasn't displaying as expected. I uninstalled the BI Publisher version I was using (vs and installed the latest and greatest (vs The ribbon is now displaying as expected. However, when I load the XSD exported from Oracle Policy Modeling, I am getting some strange behavior. As soon as I start the schema load, I instantly get "Data loaded successfully". After clicking OK I get a TvwForm window that appears and starts jumping around, apparently loading the data (the structure appears correct).

      After a few moments, I get another "Data loaded successfully". I click that, and close the TvwForm window. Problem is, when I try to add a field, conditional format, conditional region, etc. the data I expect is not available. Rather, I get a generic schema with items like @minOccurs, @name, @type, etc.

      Any suggestions? I may try BI Publisher Desktop to see what happens.