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    Local development for APEX Cloud

      I would like to develop an APEX cloud app locally and offline (my PC). Later, I'll deploy it to the cloud for testing when finished. I understand that the APEX/DB in the cloud only provides a sub-set of the features of a local APEX/DB installation. To make sure I develop a solution that will run in the cloud and not depending on features not supported, I would like to set up my local PC with the same limitations as the cloud instance. Is there a script/patch etc. that can be run to limit local features (or privs to them) to mimic the same premises and enviroment as when running in the cloud? (I think such exists for MS Azure local development).
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          Here you can find what privileges are granted to application schema when you create new workspace and you do not Re-use existing schema for parsing schema.

          If you stick with those I'm 100% sure you will not encounter problem related privileges in any hosted APEX environment.

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            Many thanks for your reply Jari! What about these limitations? : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/database-cloud/public/dbcs-security-lockdown-1844133.pdf

            Are these not a concern? Ideally, I would prefer a script/patch etc. that can be applied locally to make sure that the local developed application do not conflict with any of these limitations.
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              How can we run Application development on our computer from apex like sample database application by using SQL developer with Oracle 11g.