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    OCFS2 mount issue

      I have two servers running RHEL 4 which connect to my cluster with no problem.

      I want to add my new server (ocfs2 1.6) to the cluster (other 2 servers are 1.2) as well.

      All the cluster.conf files are the same
      I can ping any of the machines in the conf files from any other machine in the cluster

      on the new server o2cb and ocfs2 seem to be working fine, but when i go to mount:

      mount -t ocfs2 -o _netdev,nointr,datavolume  /dev/sda2 /u01
      mount.ocfs2: Invalid argument while mounting /dev/sda2 on /u01. Check 'dmesg' for more information on this error.

      dmesg gives me:

      o2cb: This node is not connected to nodes: 0 1.
      o2cb: Cluster check failed. Fix errors before retrying.
      (mount.ocfs2,2920,1):ocfs2_dlm_init:3001 ERROR: status = -22
      (mount.ocfs2,2920,1):ocfs2_mount_volume:1883 ERROR: status = -22

      I'm thinking I missed a step somewhere but darned if I know where. Any help is greatly appreciated
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          Avi Miller-Oracle
          user2024102 wrote:
          I want to add my new server (ocfs2 1.6) to the cluster (other 2 servers are 1.2) as well.
          You can't add a server running OCFS v1.6 to a cluster with v1.2 nodes. You'd have to bring those nodes up to 1.4 at least, I believe. From the OCFS2 manual:

          "OCFS2 1.4 is fully compatible with the 1.2 on-disk format. The newer version can mount volumes from the older version as-is. However, the network protocol is not compatible between the two versions. Concurrent mounts from nodes running the different versions are not supported."

          This is true for 1.6 -> 1.2 as well. So you'd need to upgrade to 1.4 to get the new network protocol. However, from 1.4 we've made changes so that newer versions will be protocol compatible.
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            thanks avi