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    Safari is not Supporting Oracle Forms


      I'm using Oracle forms 11g. Previously I was able to open the Oracle Forms from Safari(5.1.3) but now I'm unable to open it from Safari(5.1.7). It is showing blank page and it is also not asking for any plug-in.
      Please help me out from this problem.
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          Maybe this might help, https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4054658?start=0&tstart=0

          Not sure its the same thing, but might give you a start.

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            Hi Tony,

            Thanks for you reply. Sorry for the problem mentioned in brief. The problem is when I am trying to view the form page from my machine it is showing fine but when I try to view the same form page from another machine it is showing blank. I am trying to display the form using Safari browser.

            Java installed in my machine :
            java version "1.6.0_31"

            Java installed in another machine:
            java version "1.6.0_37"

            BTW I have also tried your link but it didn't work.
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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle
              This is mostly an Apple issue and you should discuss it with them. Oracle Support has authored some documents on the subject, but because it is really an Apple issue, you probably will be best served contacting them. Basically, Apple has put Java on lockdown. If you want it to work make some setting changes. There are numerous web site that are talking about the new restrictions. A simple Google search will get you started.