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    Custom Script Service Test error


      I am unable to setup a custom script (a HelloWorld Perl script) to run as a service test. The error shown on "Verify Service Test" screen is as follows.

      Error encountered while executing test.:EMGC RNMS Beacon.

      The Perl script is ok because it can be run successfully on a command line. It has been given executable permission to "oracle" user who is specified as the username on the Test Parameters section of the custom script setup screen. Changing the command to "ls" also fails.

      What am I missing for such a fundamental capability?

      I am running EMGC on Redhat Linux.


      yeu wen
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          Has nobody else had this issue? I'm getting it now... please help haha.
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            Figured this out on my own...

            Custom scripts cannot have anything writing to standard out. Remove any prints or echos. The only exception to this is numbers. If you echo 1, this will become the value of Custom Metric 1. The next thing you echo is the value of Custom Metric 2.
            Use &> /dev/null (this was on Linux servers), to get rid of any calls to other scripts that have output.

            Echo can be used as long as you pipe the information to some other command.
            And for some reason the .bash_profile seemed to interfere sometimes.

            Use exit 0 for successful status reports in the service test.

            Hope this helps!