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    Error administrating ohs1 in EM Fusion Middleaware Control

      Using WebLogic Server Version: with Enterprise Manager 11g Fusion MIddleware Control on Oracle Linux 5.8 64-bit.

      I have three OHS instances in the cluster and for jut one of them (ohs1 on the admin server) I cannot do any type of administration in EM. Anytime I try to bring up any of the admin pages (Virtual Hosts, Server Configuration, Advanced) I receive errors:

      Failed to invoke operation load on MBean oracle.as.management.mbeans.register:type=component,name=ohs1,instance=asinst_1,Location=AdminServer

      Load failed with IOException

      Load failed with IOException

      at oracle.sysman.emas.sdk.model.jmx.JMXUtil.invokeOperation(JMXUtil.java:100)
      at oracle.sysman.emas.model.ohs.AdvancedConfigModel.initializeData(AdvancedConfigModel.java:109)

      This started when either the browser or server hung when attempting to apply changes to the http.conf. I was attempting to change the DocumentRoot for one of the virtual hosts. I don't think the problem is with the httpd.conf file because doing a diff on it and the backup copy taken by EM shows only the change to the DocumentRoot. However the ohs1 process itself seems to be sending out all it's data as plain/text rather than html as the browser just displays the code rather than interprets it.

      I have all the changes documented that I made for ohs1 so I think it the best thing would be to re-create it. Any idea on how I can remove all the config related to ohs1 and then remove it from EM?