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    job output suppressed

      When I run a job in grid control on a windows node that has an ftp task, it sometimes suppresses the output you would normally see at the DOS prompt. Here is the output from grid control:

      open kcndrop.keefecommissarynetwork.com

      put D:\batch\JPay\output\visitor_list_fixed.txt

      but does not show the output of the put for the file, e.g.

      ftp> put D:\batch\JPay\output\visitor_list_fixed.txt
      200 PORT command successful.
      150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for visitor_list_fixed.txt.
      226 Transfer complete. 4,265,432 bytes transferred. 587.18 KB/sec.
      ftp: 4265432 bytes sent in 7.05Seconds 605.28Kbytes/sec.
      ftp> quit
      221 Goodbye, closing session.

      Can I stop the output suppression?