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    java.sql.SQLException: JDBC LLR, table verify failed for table 'WL_LLR_ADMI


      I am trying to install OSB as a different domain. I already have a soa suite running.

      here is the directory structure


      Which starting the admin server for OSB, I am getting below error.

      Error :-
      <Server failed. Reason: [JTAExceptions:119002]A logging last resource failed during initialization. The server cannot boot unless all configured logging last resources (LLRs) initialize. Failing reason:
      javax.transaction.SystemException: weblogic.transaction.loggingresource.LoggingResourceException: java.sql.SQLException: JDBC LLR, table verify failed for table 'WL_LLR_ADMINSERVER', row 'JDBC LLR Domain//Server' record had unexpected value 'soa_domain//AdminServer' expected 'osb_domain//AdminServer'*** ONLY the original domain and server that creates an LLR table may access it ***

      I see the solution in https://blogs.oracle.com/epc/entry/technical_table_verify_failed_for but I have a doubt here.

      When I run

      select RECORDSTR from WL_LLR_ADMINSERVER where
      XIDSTR = 'JDBC LLR Domain//Server';

      I am getting result as -->soa_domain//AdminServer

      If I change it to osb_domain//AdminServer, will this impact my soa_domain server ..? Please advice

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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          There are two possible solutions to this issue:

          Solution 1:

          To resolve this issue reconfigure the Point base database information differently for each domain if you have more than one domain. This involves changing the database port and name in below two files in domain

          In setDomainEnv.cmd (or .sh) file inside DOMAIN_HOME/bin directory change Point base port number and DB name.

          set POINTBASE_PORT=9094
          set POINTBASE_DBNAME=weblogic_eval2


          In wlsbjmsrpDataSource-jdbc.xml file inside DOMAIN_HOME/config/jdbc directory change below entries with updated pointbase database port and name (this will be in two places in the file).

          Solution 2:

          If the Domain name was changed and do not want to change database properties then an update to the table WL_LLR_ADMINSERVER can be done:

          update SCHEMA_SAMPLE.WL_LLR_ADMINSERVER set RECORDSTR = 'base_domain//AdminServer' where XIDSTR = 'JDBC LLR Domain//Server';

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            I have faced this error while installing SOA and OSB domains as separate domains. Since OSB installation require schema and I pointed that to SOA schema(DEV_SOAINFRA).

            I did created a new schema like DEVOSB_SOAINFRA and map OSB to that. This worked and solved my issue.

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