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    delete rows in the target table using odi interface

      Hi gurus,

      I am using ODI and my source and target databases are Oracle 11gR2. Is it possible to know delete rows in the target table using odi interface?

      The scenario is I have a source table by name 'A' in my source database for which i got 'Read only access', and in some other database I got a table by name 'B' for which I got
      'Read and Write' access. At any point the data in the Target table should be mirror image of source table.

      I can handle Inserts and Updates, but I don't know how handle delete operations on the source where the expected result is "corresponding records should be deleted in the Target table". I know with CDC I can achieve this but in CDC it creates a trigger and view on source table which is not possible in my case.

      Please share your ideas,