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    Validation Rule error


      I am working in FDQM

      Below is my validation rule,

      Abs(|,,,,,,OUT_OF_BALANCE_ACCT,[ICP Top],TotDepts,TotProd,[None],[None],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|)=0;
      |,,,,,,OUT_OF_BALANCE_ACCT,[ICP Top],TotDepts,TotProd,[None],[None],,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|

      And I have two validation entities NA and TX.

      The above rule is passed for TX and failing for the entity NA. While checking the rule using rule test,
      it is showing for TX, expression is TRUE and Expression after look up is Abs(0)=0 whereas for NA,
      expression is FALSE and Expression after look up is Abs(-8000)=0

      Please help me to resolve this issue.
      Thanks in advance.