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    Classic report cell with null and link

      Hi ,

      I have created a classic report – one of the columns having with a popup link. Link is display based on the values of another column, for that i have sql code link below
      CASE WHEN counts>0 THEN 'Attachments' ELSE '&nbsp' END The_link,
      Rest of query…….
      I have a java script function on the column (link) when click popup will open
      Till now everything ok but the issue is with the null for the report cell

      If I use "Null" in the SQL query then report cell breaks
      If I use ‘&nbsp’ in the Query then report cell with a hyperlink '-' - which I don't want

      My requirement either report cell should not break if I use "null" or should not link on the cell if I use '&nbsp' .

      Oracle Apex 4.2
      Oracle 11g

      I tried to search the forum but not able to fix this issue.
      Hope I can able to explain my problem.

      Thanks in Advance.