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    Fetching UDF's values from usermanager object in OIM 11gR2

      Hi Experts,

      I am implementing a code to generate and update a random password using a post event handler. The idea is to append the iniatals (user login) of the user along with a UDF say (section_code). The label for section_code is "Sect Code" I am using 11g API's and the code is as:
      HashMap<String, Serializable> parameters = orch.getParameters();
      String user_Key = getParamaterValue(parameters , "User Login");
      String section_code = getParamaterValue(parameters , "Sect Code"); -- this is not fetching the value
      and then getting these values from
      String value = (parameters.get(key) instanceof ContextAware) ? (String) ((ContextAware)
      parameters.get(key)).getObjectValue() : (String) parameters.get(key);
      return value;
      But i noticed that User Login is getting fetched but the section code which is a UDF is not coming. Is there a way?